Saturday, January 15, 2011

The 100 feet tall Casaroro Falls is considered to be the most photographed waterfall in Negros Oriental. It is located in the municipality of Valencia, 9.4 km west of Dumaguete City. The name Casaroro derived from the word, Casa ni Roro or Roro’s House.

The waterfall is narrow instead of the usual wide cascade which makes Casaroro unique. But the volume of water that drops is heavy and causes a roar as it touches the basin
surrounded by huge boulders. The area is enclosed by natural rock formations and greenery and a home of uncommon birds, flowers and trees. Before finally see the falls, one has to go down through the 350+ steps stairway. Few years ago, the entrance fee for the common public is only P10.


Vein's Farm said...

this is a cool and nice place to experience the beauty of nature!