Friday, October 14, 2011

Kastifun connotes “gathering” in B’laan Ethnic dialect symbolizing Columbioans united stand to promote PEACE & DEVELOPMENT by way of bridging the gaps and redefining boundary of social biases.

Rooted from the deepest genre of the municipality, the KASTIFUN logo is drawn from 5 elements:

The BAMBOO being one of the major raw materials being used as craft and furniture in the municipality and as indispensable material for construction and equipment represents the flexibility and versatility of Columbiaon’s talent and skills as the main pillars of development. The bamboo shaped in triangle presents the tri-people residing in the municipality namely, Christians, Muslims and Lumads in different traditions and cultures bonded as one.

The GONG symbolizes the call for gathering and echoing the growth of endeavors and aspiration for peace in the municipality.

The SUN, shaped as flower-liked of different colors, describes the colorful festivity, aside from its being an emblem to enlighten and a guide beacon to the entire municipality.

The SIXTEEN RAYS represents the sixteen barangays of Columbio. The shining yellow rays in between, connote HOPE amongst the populace as they try to attain progress and development in a sustained manner.

The MOUNTAINOUS topographic view of Columbio, is more than just a landmark. It signifies the major livelihood of the inhabitants which is agriculture.