Monday, May 16, 2011

Written by Jamie Bautista with art by two-time National Book Award winner Arnold Arre / Jim, Jay, Joy Jimenez JBrothers.

Case 1: The Cashbox Caper

Danton Cord is one of the most popular boys in MacGuffin Elementary. His friend, Iris Able, is a loner whom people think is weird. Because she doesn’t talk to anybody, the kids in school have given her the nickname “Private Iris”. However, Iris is also the smartest and most observant person in town. When the money of a class’ cashbox is stolen, Danton sees this as a chance to make people see how special Iris really is. If he can convince her to solve the crime and get the class its money back, maybe he can get Iris to be a bit more popular. But will Iris be willing to help out people she doesn’t like?

Case 02: The Spirit of the Shoemaker

Glowing slime. Floating objects. Mysterious messages appearing on walls. Could all these strange happenings really be because of a ghost? Some of kids believe so and are willing to pay any price to get rid of the unwanted spook. But Danton thinks this is all some big hoax to trick the kids out of their money. Once again, he has to get Iris to help him prove that there’s no such thing as ghosts. Will they succeed, or will they find out it’s not a good idea to go up against an angry spirit?

Case 03: Club Wars

It’s the Teachers’ Day celebration at MacGuffin High and Elementary and all the clubs are preparing for a big exhibit headed by the Student Council. But when the displays of the less popular clubs fall apart, the different clubs start accusing each other of sabotage. The Student Council says these weird clubs want to ruin the event, while these less popular clubs claim the Student Council is trying to make them look bad. Can Danton convince Iris to find the real culprit and help the clubs when Iris thinks that clubs are a bad idea?

Case 04: The Dad Dilemma

When Iris’ dad is accused of trying to burn his old office, he is arrested by the police! It’s up to Iris, who is fighting a bad case of the flu, to prove that her dad is innocent. Danton and Mimi decide that they’re going to help Iris whether she wants them to or not. But is a very ill Iris ready for her friends to meet her family? Or maybe the better question is: are Danton and Mimi ready to meet Iris’ family? It’s all out mystery and suspense as Iris and Danton learn that things are a lot more dangerous in the world of grown-ups.

Case 05: Amber’s Abduction

Iris’ sister, Amber, is missing! A ransom note has been left at the Ables’ home, demanding the mysterious flash drive that Iris discovered at Swifty Corp. in exchange for Amber’s safe return. With less that 24 hours, it’s up to Iris and Danton to rescue Amber and figure out who is behind her kidnapping. Will they find Amber before Iris’ dad is forced to return the flash drive? And what is the connection between Amber’s abduction and all the mysterious symbols Iris has been finding all over town… and in her own secret headquarters?

Case 06: A Secret Rival

Someone is solving mysteries around MacGuffin Elementary; and it isn’t Iris. No one knows who it is because this mystery detective just posts clues on a blog that leads to the criminals. Iris wants to let this mystery sleuth handle all the cases in school (maybe the Danton will stop bugging her to help the other kids), but then the mystery detective accuses Iris of committing a crime! Can Iris and Danton clear Iris’ name and uncover the identity of Iris’ secret rival?

Case 07: Attack of the Alien Hair Snatchers

When some of the students in MacGuffin start claiming that aliens are coming into their homes and chopping off their hair for some unknown experiments, Danton Cord, the most popular boy in MacGuffin Elementary, suspects that someone may be trying to pull a grand, seemingly otherworldly scheme. So he enlists the help of “Private” Iris Able, the smartest but most secretive lid in town, to help him uncover who is behind these alien attacks and what they want with people’s hair. Will they prove that we are not alone in the universe, or will they end up as the latest victims of these extraterrestrial intruders?

Case 08: The Missing Mom Mystery

Cherie Glasston is a rising TV star and a close family friend of Danton Cord, the most popular boy at MacGuffin Elementary. She asks for his help in tracking down her long lost mother before Cherie leaves the town for good. Naturally, Danton enlists the help of “Private Iris” Able, the most secretive but smartest kid in town. But when Cherie’s mom turns out to be someone in dangerous trouble, Iris and Danton find out there’s more to this case than simply finding a missing person. And why is Iris so eager to help Danton out with this particular case? Could it have something to do with a mystery regarding her own mother?

Case 09: The Serial Saboteur
A series of thefts and acts of arson have been happening to various stores around MacGuffin. They all appear to be the work of the famous thief, Eidolon. The secretive sleuth Private Iris and her friend Danton Cord decide to stop Eidolon before he destroys another establishment in town. But why has the mysterious burglar suddenly gone from simply stealing things to burning down stores? It’s up to Iris and Danton to find the answer.

Case 10: The Legend of Kelpic Lake

Is the legendary creature of Kelpic Lake real? That’s what fame hungry Mimi Sterry, kid investigative journalist, wants to find out. Her reputation is at stake after claiming the creature doesn’t exist right before new evidence comes up which may prove her wrong. But to crack this mystery, she will need the help of Danton Cord and Private Iris. But will Iris and Danton willing to help Mimi after all the horrible things she’s done to them in the past?

Case 11: Beginnings and Endings

This is it! Find out how Danton and Iris first met! Just what did Iris help Danton with that made him feel eternally grateful to her? And as Iris gets closer to the answers about her headquarters’ origins and her mother’s whereabouts, will her relationship with Danton change as she continues to keep him out of the loop on what she’s up to?

Case 12: The Inner Circle

What is the secret of MacGuffin Plains? And how does it tie into the things Iris Able has been investigating such as her mother’s whereabouts, the origin of her headquarters, and the mysterious Holding Company? Iris is about to embark on her most dangerous case yet as she discovers the story of the Inner Circle. But will she still be able to crack the case now that she no longer has the help of her friend, Danton Cord?

Case 13: Brat-Sitting

They’ve fought gangsters, monsters, ghosts, robots, and worldwide secret organizations. But kid detectives Iris Able and Danton Cord may have finally met their match as they go up against the brattiest kids in MacGuffin for Danton’s baby-sitting… er… that is… “part-time job.”

Case 14: Point of View

Ever wonder what it’s like to have the detective team Private Iris and Danton on your tail? Go inside the mind of a young girl named Tracy as she tries ti get back at a rival who humiliated her. But while Tracy works to put her plan into action, she learns that revenge doesn’t come easily, especially when you have a young super sleuth hanging around. See the story unfold through the eyes of the culprit in this unique story that lets the reader see a mystery from a totally different point of view.

Case 15: The Future Faker

Jitesh Mirachandani has gotten a bad reading from the mysterious fortune teller Zazustro. Jitesh then gives up an intership that con artist Sting Conway is also vying for. The detective duo of Private Iris and Danton think Sting is up to his old tricks. Can Iris and Danton prove that things like hypnosis and fortune telling aren’t real, or will they find themselves powerless before this new mystical menace?

Case 16: The Beach Baddies

Some people with bad intentions are causing problems at Smithee Beach, where Amber Able has joined a swimsuit competition to impress a boy she likes. Will her sister, the kid detective Private Iris, be able to stop these villains? Will Iris’ friend Danton be of any help when he’s getting distracted by his crush on Amber?

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