Thursday, May 19, 2011

Look into the world of PRIVATE IRIS!

Private Iris is a mystery comic series that challenges kids of all ages to match wits with MacGuffin Plains' brilliant but secretive super sleuth, Private Iris. When Danton, the most popular boy in school, joins forces with Private Iris, the most intelligent loner in town, you get a crime-solving team that can't be beat! Iris' genius level intellect and high-tech gadgets combined with Danton's winning personality and his amazing athletic skills will show that there's no case that can't be cracked and no villain that can't be caught. So join Private Iris and Danton as they right wrongs while discovering the importance of learning and friendship. 

Every issue of Private Iris includes a “Clue Review” section that teaches kids money saving tips, interesting science trivia, fun do-it-yourself projects and imparts the proper values.
Private Iris has a special gift to parents and kids. Each issue comes with a special Savings Code from Pioneer SPARX that is worth over 100 pesos! So building up your collection of "Private Iris" also helps you build up your savings! 

Pages:  24 pages of comics / 2 pages on savings, science and general information (Clue Review) / 6 pages on FREE SPARX, the ONLY and the ground-breaking bite-sized savings and insurance for children from Pioneer Life

Volume: Case 01: The Cashbox Caper / Case 02: Spirit of the Shoemaker / Case 03: Club Wars / Case 04: The Dad Dilemma / Case 05: Amber’s Abduction / Case 06: A Secret Rival / Case 07: Attack of the Alien Hair Snatcher / Case 08: The Missing Mom Mystery / Case 09: The Serial Saboteur / Case 10: The Legend of the Kelpic Lake / Case 11: Beginnings and Endings / Case 12: The Inner Circle / Case 13: Brat-Sitting / Case 14: The Point of View / Case 15: The Future Faker / Case 16: The Beach Baddies / Case 17: Going Pinoy

Genre: Children’s fiction (Detective/Mystery) / Type of Reading Material:  Graphic Novels or Comic Books / Similar materials:  Nancy Drew Graphic Novel Series

Awards: Private Iris garnered the 45th Anvil Award of Merit in the year 2010 for “Teaching Kids to Save”

To ensure that the values intended are conveyed, Private Iris was a subject of a research.  Through a focus group discussion conducted by Synergy Business Consultancy for Blue Cow, the values that Private Iris wants to impart were tested.

Recognizing children’s innate curiosity, the story is peppered with interesting general information and science facts.  The Clue Review section is likewise meant to pique children’s innate thirst for knowledge.

It weaves in money values and concept of personal financial responsibility for children in a clever story-telling approach

Offers FREE SPARX, bite-sized savings and insurance for children from Pioneer Life.

SPARX cards are sold by Pioneer Life for P100.00 but they come FREE with every copy of Private Iris.  Every card activated for the registered child buys a guaranteed savings value which the child gets when he’s 14 and insurance protection until the child is 14 years old.

Private Iris teaches children money values and at the same time, it gives parents and children the tool to start and build their children’s savings and insurance through SPARX.

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