Monday, March 7, 2011

Tuba (Palm Tobby/Wine) is a native alcoholic beverage with stinging sweet and bittersweet taste made from the fleshly-harvested sap of coconut/palm trees.

The process involves extracting the sap of an unopened coconut flower, bud or stem and collecting it through a bamboo tapper fastened to the stump. The tip of the bud is lopped and the pale juice allowed trickles into bamboo containers. In some types of palm, felling of the entire tree is used as alternated method. This is done early morning and harvested at noon or later in the afternoon.

The extracted coconut sap with powdered bark is often stored for one to five days in jars or bottles to create a much stronger taste. Lambanog is also a product of tuba after a series of fermentation and distillation process (Ref. Wikipedia/WikiPilipinas/Photo by Bulaclac Paru-paru - Wikipedia).