Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology started in June 1908 as a vocational course at the Wright institute in San Isidro Nueva Ecija where young Filipinos were trained in woodworking and basic telegraphy. Said vocational course lasted until SY 1927-1928 when the general secondary education course was transferred to Cabanatuan.

On June 9, 1929 the school was named Nueva Ecija Trade School (NETS) in accordance with Vocational Education Act 3377 of 1929. The NETS was based in San Isidro, Nueva Ecija, offering vocational opportunities to the youths of the province. The first and only vocational course being offered then was woodworking. That course was an addition to the existing secondary curriculum inherited from Wright Institute.

To meet the increasing demand for vocational education in the whole province, the trade school was transferred on June 7, 1931, to Cabanatuan City. Enrolment increased; however, the program was interrupted in December 1941 by the outbreak of the Second World War in the Pacific.

Immediately after the war, the trade school reopened on September 6, 1945. Rehabilitation program took place. The trade school continued with its mission of meting the vocational and manpower needs of students coming from both Nueva Ecija and the nearby provinces. On June 8,  1948, a course in dressmaking was opened and female students were admitted in the School. A few years later, a food and cosmetology course was also offered.

On May 28, 1953, the NETS was converted into Central Luzon School of Arts and Trades (CLSAT) by virtue of Republic Act No. 845. CLSAT was recognized as a center of manpower/vocational training for both the youth and the adults not only in the province but also in the whole Region III

Series of developments continued until the CLSAT was converted into the Central Luzon Polytechnic College (CLPC) by virtue of Republic Act. No. 3998 which was signed on June 18, 1964 by then President Diosdado Macapagal.

Thirty-four years later, the CLPC, under the leadership of President Gemiliano C. Calling, was converted into a specialized university, the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology by virtue of Republic Act. No. 8612.

The Bill converting CLPC into NEUST was signed by speaker Jose de Venecia on February 19, 1998; it was forwarded to President Fidel V. Ramos on February 24, 1998 and lapsed into Law on March 27, 1998.

The University therefore, ensures that the requirements of business, industry, service and other sectors as well as the needs of the local, regional and national development for high quality professionals and highly skilled middle-level manpower are addressed.